You can also debate and discuss Big Local ideas over at Noel Park Net, just remember to tag your posts 
'Big Local'!

Noel Park Big Local have commissioned new projects!

We've asked local organisations to put on programmes and events through August and September. Head over here to find out more and see what's going on!

Small Grant Success!

Throughout February and Mark we opened up the Small Grants Fund once again and gave £3780 to local community groups with projects ranging from gardening tools and dancing mirrors to local history projects and sign posting to local services. Go to the Small Grants page to get further information about what has already been funded

Noel Park Plan has been submitted!

Following extensive consultation the plan for what Noel Park Big Local will be doing over the next two years has now been submitted to Local Trust. Head over here to have a look

Noel Park Profile

You can now see the draft Noel Park profile here. Have a read over it and let us know any comments by the 5th of February. We hope will be agreed at the Steering Group on the 12th of February and then submitted to the Local Trust The profile is a requirement of all Big Local areas and supports the ideas and priorities behind the Noel Park Big Local Plan (which we are now looking at and will use the Big Local Conversation events to help shape).

Noel Park Conversations

Help us find out what Noel Park wants through the Big Conversation! During January 2015 there will be a series of open community Noel Park Conversations.  Look on the calendar for the dates make sure you attend one of them to help shape the Noel Park Big Local plan.

Noel Park Priorities Questionnaire
The community researchers are also carrying out a questionnaire to see what changes people would value most. 
In addition the questionnaire is also available on Survey Monkey and the link is here   The closing date for completed questionnaires is Friday 29th January 2014.  Please do pass on the link to anyone you know in the area who is interested in getting involved and feeding in their views.

Now Recruiting Partners!

Want to make a real difference to Noel Park? Then get involved and get your voice heard on the Noel Park Big Local Partnership! Heard over to the next steps page to find out more

Got A Great Idea for Noel Park?

Do you have a NEW project to benefit the community? Need £500 or less? Then we’re here to help! Head here to find out more about our Small Grants fund!  Your project needs to be local, will increase knowledge of Noel Park Big Local and open to as many people as possible  but we accept applications from People/organisations of any age or experience of running projects! There are closing dates at the end of January and February so be quick

Noel Park Big Local boundaries officially changed

From very early on it has been the will of the interim steering group to change the boundaries for NPBL to include the corners by Wood Green and Turnpike Lane stations. This has now been officially accepted by Big Local and they have provided us with a new map outlining the exact boundaries:

Photo competition winners announced

The Noel Park Big Local photo competition ran between 2nd May and 27th June. There were some fantastic entries in different categories. The judges (scroll down to find out who they were) made their decisions last week and the results were announced at the community picnic on the 5th July.

The winners in the different categories we had entries for were as follows:

Adult whole area winner: Sadie Lee

'My house backs onto Russell Park and I often see the young people, young men and boys mostly, who use the rather basic, rusty old gym equipment there.  They practice at all hours and many of them have developed their muscles and bodies to an amazing standard through sheer hard work and determination.  They inspire so many other young people who watch them, sometimes from a distance, such as the shy-looking but obviously impressed young man in the background of my photograph.'

Whole area U18 winner: Zara Carr (aged 10)

'My pictures capture the side of Noel Park passers by tend to miss every day. My pictures include: an extremely beautiful, multicoloured rose (with very magnificent folds) that I found in Moselle Avenue; a striking orange Hemerocallies citrina Baroni that I found on Farrant Avenue and; a breathtakingly stunning, red rose. With their bright spark they transform Noel Park into a more interesting, hopeful community, lifting up everyone's mood.'

Adult winner Noel Park estate: Mirsada Demaj

'I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to witness, on a daily basis the moment the sun sets over our community. The pacifying sky creates a background for buildings such as the crown court. For me, The irony of a peaceful, breathtaking sky over the crown court is symbolic of the hope and passion the citizens of my area live with despite hardships.'

U18 winner Noel Park estate: Leah Garrad

Adult winner the Sandlings: Ginny Bowles

'I took these photos of The Sandlings Rose Garden and vegetable plot as they are like an oasis in the middle of bricks and concrete. The rose garden and veggie plot are 5 minutes away from a very busy, noisy bustling High Road teaming with shoppers and vehicles. They show a very different side of Noel Park. Areas that have been created by the residents (including myself) where the ground has been dug over and flowers and veg have been planted, nurtured and in the case of the veg, sown, planted, picked, cooked and eaten!!!
'They are areas where residents can relax, work out doing the weeding/digging (healthy exercise) socialize. It is stress free tending the plants. The flowers give residents and visitors some enjoyment by brightening up the estate. Growing veg to the cooking stage is a real success.
'Creating these places has brought people in the community together who have enjoyed seeing flowers/veg growing and have got great pleasure from their achievement.'

Other winning entries receiving prizes donated by businesses:

Francois Joubert

Laurie White

'Perry the cat in reflective mood'

Steering group minutes uploaded

All the minutes of the NPBL interim steering group meetings since January have been uploaded and can be found at the bottom of this page. Apologies are given for the delay in uploading them.

Noel Park Fox Cubs - football   

Noel Park Fox Cubs, which has been awarded some money from our Small Grants Fund is now advertising for a 5 week football course in Russell Park. See the poster below for more details, or see Emily tomorrow at our picnic in the Park.

Next interim steering group meeting date announced

The next interim steering group meeting will be on Thurs 10th July from 6.30-8pm and will be at St Mark's church hall in Noel Park estate (please note, we had to change the date from what was agreed at the last meeting in June). If you are a local resident or stakeholder in the community, you are welcome to come along to discuss the 'getting started' phase of Noel Park Big Local.

This will also be the last meeting with our 'Motivator' for the past few months, Sam, whose hours are coming to an end shortly.

Final judge announced for the photo competition

The final judge for our photo competition is Heidi Saarinen:

Heidi Saarinen (sister suitcase) is a Noel Park (estate) resident and Senior Lecturer in BA Interior Architecture & Design and MA Interior & Spatial Design at the University of Hertfordshire. Heidi is also a dance artist and place maker with current research focus on The Construction of Place; Spatial Choreographies. Heidi is interested in ‘the peripheral place/in-between’ and the interaction/collision between buildings, spaces and the body. Unusual, derelict and unorthodox spaces are used for performances and solo dance and movement works. Heidi is currently working on a series of interdisciplinary projects linking film, choreography, community and the urban environment. 


Official poster for our picnic in Russell Park launched

Come along if you can on 5th July! (We also need some help from volunteers on the day if you're able to spare an hour or two. Contact our Motivator, Sam Tomlin on if you can help out). Please also spread the word about the picnic around the community! (The flags are broadly based on the languages people speak in Noel Park from the last consensus - so as to celebrate the various cultures and nationalities in our area)

Full list of donated prizes announced for the photo competition

Our photo competition has been running for the past few weeks. From the start we have had various cash prizes (£25 for the winner of each area category (one for each of the four Big Local areas), and £50 for the overall winner). As well as this, however, we have had some generous donations from local and national businesses.

The donated prizes make up 9 additional prizes to be given to the winners. As well as choosing the winners for each category (U18 & adult) the judging panel (scroll down for more info) will also rank all the photos (without age categories) from 1-9. The first person, as well as winning their cash prize will then get to choose their preferred prize from the list of donated prizes. Then the second ranked person etc.

The prizes to choose from are as follows:

A selection of 12 books (mainly novels) donated by WHSmith in Wood Green
3 free tickets to see films at Vue Cinema, Wood Green
2 free tickets to see films at Vue Cinema, Wood Green
£40 frame donated by Snappy Snaps in Wood Green
£10 Greggs voucher
£50 TK Maxx voucher
1 'Assassins Creed' hoodie from Game in Wood Green
1 'Assassins Creed' hoodie from Game in Wood Green
An 'inspirational message' wooden picture donated by Evolution in Wood Green

So while you are snapping your photos, have a think about which of these prizes you would like if you win! All the prizes will be announced and given out at the picnic in Russell Park (at 3pm) on Sat 5th July.

Next interim steering group meeting: 16th June

The next interim steering group meeting (monthly meetings take place to implement the 'getting started' phase activities and the accompanying £20,000 we have been given to consult the community) will take place on Mon 16th June from 6.30-8pm at Sky City community centre. If you would like instructions on how to get there, please contact our 'Motivator' Sam on 07792259087 or

We will be discussing all aspects of engaging our community in the Big Local process. We are particularly pleased to have a representative from Age UK Haringey to discuss how to ensure older people's voices are heard.

The meeting is open to all residents/stakeholders of Noel Park estate, Sky City, Page High and the Sandlings.

Hope to see you there!

Photo competition judges announced

We are pleased to announce the first official judges on the panel for our photo competition (see below and attached to this page for more info). All the judges are residents in the Noel Park Big Local areas.

Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams is a photographer who studied painting and printmaking at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools in the 1980s. He photographs common objects and overlooked, or apparently insignificant materials and places. He is interested too, in the urban landscape and the people who move through it. He has taken part in many exhibitions in the UK and internationally. He has lived in Noel Park estate since 2001.

   Plastic: Hardware, 2012, Peter Abrahams

David Christie

David Christie is a Noel Park based visual artist, who currently works as a photographer creating contemporary art. Drawing on expressionist artistry, in 2013, David Christie began his first art series entitled Knife and Gun Crime London; which brings to light the impact that, acts of, violence has on London’s young community.

© David Christie - Young Victim? Self Portrait

Shirley Martin

Shirley is an active resident in the Sky City estate.

Sam Tomlin

Sam is Noel Park Big Local 'Motivator' and resident in Noel Park estate for the last 3 years.

We still plan for some more judges to be announced soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

Updated info on our photo competition

We are soon to announce the esteemed panel of judges for our photo competition (see below for more info). Having met with many of the panel, the panel has made a small adjustment to the rules which it thinks will enhance the competition. Instead of only being able to submit two photos with 100 words each, the following now applies:

You can submit one photo by itself, or a series of two/three photos in the same theme (any medium/manageable file size/format), colour or black/white to be considered by a panel including residents and a photographer. You are encouraged to write up to 100 words to explain why you think the photograph(s) captures your area in a unique way. You may also give your image(s) a title.

Further criteria has now been added as well as that to ensure your photo captures the 'everyday' in your area:

You can submit one photo by itself, or a series of two/three photos in the same theme (any medium/manageable file size/format), colour or black/white to be considered by a panel including residents and a photographer. You are encouraged to write up to 100 words to explain why you think the photograph(s) captures your area in a unique way. You may also give your image(s) a title.

The updated posters have been attached at the bottom of this page.

As always, please contact our 'Motivator', Sam Tomlin if you have any further questions at all: or 07792259087.

More prizes donated for the photo competition

As well as the cash prizes for our photo competition, we have also received some generous donations from local and national businesses. Evolution in Wood Green Shopping City have donated am inspirational-message picture, Greggs have donated £10 vouchers and TK Maxx have donated £50 in vouchers to spend in the Wood Green store! We will allocate these prizes to the relevant categories in the coming weeks.

Next steering group meeting: Tues 13th May 2014

The next interim steering group meeting (open to all residents on Noel Park estate, the Sandlings, Sky City & Page High) will be on Tues 13th May from 6.30-8pm at Wood Green Salvation Army, 24 Lymington Avenue, London, N22 6JA.

Do come along if you would like to hear more about Big Local and our plans for the coming months as we continue to progress through the 'getting started' phase of Big Local.

Launch of Noel Park Big Local photo competition! (see attached for official poster)

Noel Park Big Local is launching its photo competition today (6th May). The theme is 'my area' (the everyday).  Organisers ask the following questions of those wanting to enter:

"How can you capture a moment of the everyday in a photograph? What is it that defines this local community, your everyday? Is it the people, your family, your best friend, the smile of a neighbour, the cat sneaking through your back garden? Is it the streetlights at night or the movement of the shadows against your ceiling as cars and pedestrians pass by..?"

Capture  ‘the essence’ of the area in which you live. It could be of houses; a green space, a person (with their consent!), a building or anything that you feel is suitable.

You can submit up to two photographs (any medium/manageable file size/format), colour or black/white to be considered by a panel including residents and a photographer. You are encouraged to write up to 100 words per photo to explain why you think the photograph captures your area in a unique way. You may also give your image a title.

Categories & prizes: There will be both adult & U18 overall categories as well as the following area categories:

Best picture in the whole of Noel Park, Sandlings, Sky City & Page High

Winner: £50

Runner up: £25

Best picture of the Noel Park estate

Winner: £25

Best picture of the Sandlings

Winner: £25

Best picture of Page High

Winner: £25

Best picture of Sky City

Winner: £25

Additional prizes will be announced when we have confirmed them with local businesses who kindly donate them.

All photos will be entered into their specific area competition as well as the overall ‘Noel Park’ competition. So, for example, a photo of Page High could, evidently, not win the competition for the Sandlings but could win the overall competition. It will not be possible to win two prizes – so if you win the overall prize, you will not also be able to win your area prize. Applicants must also live within the Noel ParkBig Local boundaries (essentially: Noel Park estate, the Sandlings, Page High or Sky City).

The photos will be collected and Noel Park Big Local will reserve the right to use all entered photos (and credit the name of the photographer) on its website and advertising materials.

The competition is open from Tues 6th May to Fri 27th June: and the winners will be announced at the big community pic nic in Russell Park on the 5th July 2014 and on the Noel Park Big Local website the week after. So get snapping!

All entrants will also need to fill out a survey on our website (or hard copy) if they have not already done so.

Submission details: please send electronic pictures to Noel Park Big Local ‘Motivator’ Sam Tomlin: or send print photos to 80 Moselle Avenue, London, N22 6ET. If you are submitting printed photographs, please make sure that they reach us by the deadline.

Any further details will be announced on our website.


NB: The panel will be made up of Noel Park residents and their decision will be final. Noel Park Big Local will retain the right to use all submitted pictures for advertising and we hope to run a exhibition with all the photos after the competition is finished.

Keep the date - Sat 5th July: pic nic in Russell Park

We are currently planning for a pic nic in Russell Park for the whole community on Sat 5th July 2014. We cannot release info yet on what it will involve as this has not been finalised, but do keep the date free for what we hope will be a fantastic community day in the sun which will also help spread the word about Big Local!

Community Meal - all invited!

Please feel free to share the poster below with others in the community.

Noel Park Big Local makes it into Haringey Independent

Our press release about the small grants fund was picked up by Haringey Independent. Read the article here:

Media release 22nd April 2014 - Noel Park Big Local launches Small Grants Fund

Noel Park residents in Haringey, N22, have been given the opportunity to apply for up to £250 for projects benefiting the community as part of the Big Local scheme.

Big Local is a national initiative run by the Big Lottery Fund which has chosen 150 areas around the country to give a £1m grant to, to help residents decide how they want to improve their area. Noel Park is one of these areas.

Noel Park is still in the 'getting started' phase of Big Local which aims to understand more about their community and what residents want, before the steering group allocate the full amount for the coming years.

The small grants fund which residents of all ages and organisations working in Noel Park can apply for is part of these 'getting started' funds. Projects must be for the benefit of the community and also promote Big Local.

To raise awareness about the small grants fund, local residents will be holding a free community meal for up to 80 people on 10th May. Lasagne (including vegetarian & Halal) will be served between 12-3pm at Wood Green Salvation Army for Noel Park, Sandlings, Sky City & Page High residents. Noel Park Big Local are encouraging residents to come along and hear about Big Local and the small grants fund.

Applications have already been received and approved including for baking classes and a community choir.

Noel Park Big Local 'Motivator', Sam Tomlin, himself a Noel Park resident said: 'We hope the Small Grants Fund will help promote a sense of community in Noel Park as well as promoting the amazing opportunity that has come with Big Local, it's not every day you're given £1m!

'We want as many Noel Park residents as possible to have their say in how the money should be spent and if anyone is interested, do come to the community meal and get in touch via our website.'

Chair of the interim steering committee and priest of St Mark's Noel Park, Father Simon Clark said: 'This is a fantastic opportunity for our local community to have the funds to help some of the projects that truly matter to local residents.

'Individuals and groups within the Noel Park delivery area will be able to apply for funds to deliver projects for all sections of the community. Particularly to those that help change our community for the better and have long term commitment to the area.'


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