Small Grant Success!

Throughout February and Mark we opened up the Small Grants Fund once again and gave £3780 to local community groups with projects ranging from gardening tools and dancing mirrors to local history projects and sign posting to local services. Go to the Small Grants page to get further information about what has already been funded

Our Big Picnic a great success

On Sat 5th July 2014, we held our big Big Community Picnic in Russell Park. It was a fantastic event with over 100 people attending. Many people heard about Big Local who hadn't before. See below for some pictures from the day:

Successful small grants funded project comes to an end

One of the first projects to be accepted by the panel for the Small Grants Fund (which grants up to £250 for local projects - see the funding page for more info) was for Women's baking classes. Tanicha, who lives on the Sandlings, ran the courses in the past weeks, and writes the following as a summary:

After a while of selling my baked goods at Noel Park Market, the manager, Rachella Sinclair told me about this business enterprise thing were you can get funding for a project that can benefit your local community. So I thought of running a baking class. I’ve had friends in the past tell me that I should start up a baking class and now I finally had the opportunity to make it work. I applied to two organisations: Unltd and Noel Park Big Local.

After getting through the application stage it was quite a while before I got my funding. So I used this time to plan everything, what we were going to bake, what equipment I needed, and find a venue.

About five weeks before the baking classes started I finally got most of my funding and started advertising my classes by giving out leaflets at the market and having posters put up at Noel Park School, The Sandlings, The Salvation Army wall outside, Wood Green Library etc.

On reflection I think I should have started advertising beforehand because I felt a bit rushed to get the posters noticed by the public and there wasn’t a massive turn out despite people’s initial interest. I also used my Facebook and Twitter accounts to advertise my classes.

In my first class we made Shortbread biscuits, only people I knew came to this class and I was glad because I was a bit nervous and things didn’t go exactly to plan but in the end it was a big learning curve. From then on the baking classes got better and better and my pupils were looking forward to the next lesson. I gave my pupils questionnaires and got some really positive feedback, they all said they enjoyed the classes and would recommend it to friend and would practise what they made at home.

Here are some of the things they said: “This really made my day… it’s nice being an all women class, it’s a nice atmosphere” Chantelle, “It was very therapeutic” Jean, “you’ve got to do another one!” Gaby and Jean.

If I ever do another baking class I think I would focus more on advertising by putting posters up in supermarkets and even using some of the funding to pay companies to put my posters up. Also I would make the classes less flexible by making sure the customers are committed to come for the whole duration of the course and that they pay in advance.

Noel Park in the sun

Four pictures of our four areas (Noel Park estate, Sky City, Page High & the Sandlings) taken on 10th June in the glorious sun. Motivation to take pictures for our photo competition (deadline: 27th June):

‘ad hoc promo station’

Noel Park Big Local Photo Competition is now running and anyone living in the areas of Noel Park, Sky City, Page High and Sandlings can take part.

 At the weekend, we continued to spread the word about the Photo Competition. A temporary ‘ad hoc promo station’ at the Lymington Avenue/Pelham Road junction was set up by local resident, dance artist and ‘place maker’, Heidi Saarinen to spread awareness of the competition that runs until 27th June 2014 and to inform people about other activities and opportunities for local residents. Look out for more ad hoc promo stations and come and say hello!

 Heidi Saarinen: “It was an interesting afternoon, as I met many local people who wanted to talk about their area. I feel that there is a real urgency for meetings like this, where people can just get together and talk about the everyday and what is happening in our neighbourhood and how, together, we can make this a better place”.

 The Noel Park Big Local Photo Competition, with the theme “My Area (the everyday)”, is a great way of ‘talking’ about the area through photographs. It would be great to see people from all age groups and backgrounds taking part. We hope to organise an exhibition of the work and showcase other local projects, so do get involved!

 Competition deadline 27th June 2014. 

See below for pictures from the free community meal on Sat 10th May 2014:

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