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Getting Started Budget

As part of the 'Getting Started' phase, we have been given an additional £20,000, some of which we have begun to spend. Below is the budget as it stands and an account of what the money has been spent on so far.

Please note the exact allocation of the budget is subject to change at the discretion of the interim steering group.

Getting Started Budget Summary
 Item or activity Total Allocated (£)Total Spent to date (£)
 Partnership & Communications  
 Establishing the brand/message/central marketing materials 1,7501253.36
Survey design, materials and distribution 1,000  
Development of Noel Park Net and Social Media 500  49.18
Noel Park Motivator/Co-ordinator 5,000 4,700
HAVCO Management Fee @ 5% 1,000  1,000
Bill Boards 250  
 Training and Consultation Costs  
Training champions, residents and volunteers 500  5.90
 Mobile Focus Groups250  
Space rentals in schools, shops and other venue hires  1,000 201
Small Grants Fund 3,000  542.12
 Mural Project500  
Picnic in the park 1,000  995.82
Coffee mornings in people's houses 250  
Sandlings/Sky City/Page High open days/drop ins  750400
Church fete 250  
Fun run 250  
Photo exhibition 250  175
Young person's project 1,500  50.14
 Sub-total20,000  9372.52