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'Getting Started' and Forming the Partnership

We have currently been working to get people interested in Big Local with our Big Picnic and small grants funding

Whilst we’re currently an Interim Steering Group we will eventually need to form a more permanent 'partnership' which will be made up mainly of local residents and a few other local stakeholders. In our current 'Getting Started' phase, we have an 'interim steering group' which is open to all local residents and stakeholders. This steering group meets once a month to decide what to do implementing the 'Getting Started' part of our journey. Come and join us, find out when the next meeting is here


'Getting Started' is a phase every Big Local area needs to go through. It involves gathering information on the community through speaking to residents, the council, local businesses, charities etc. When we have spent the £20,000 we have in this phase and gathered our information we will be required to write a Big Local Plan, outlining what we have learned about the needs and desires of the community and our plans for the next few years - how we will allocate the £1m

Next Steps

We've just moved into next stage and created our 'partnership'
The partnership meets about once a month to start off with and will:

  • Actively encourage people in the area to get involved in supporting Big Local and its activities
  • Ensure that local concerns are addressed and that solutions have local support 
  • Make decisions about how the work outlined in the Big Local plan is delivered 
  • Learn from the Big Local projects and plan work going forward